Ailunce HD1 Firmware 1.5.4 Upgrade – TheSmokinApe

Ailunce HD1 Firmware 1 5 4 Upgrade – TheSmokinApe

This HD1 radio was sent to me free of charge from Retevis for; testing, evaluation and review purposes.

Just a quick video showing how I updated the firmware on the Retevis / Ailunce HD1 DMR Digital HAM radio.

You can get an HD1 here:

The Retevis Web SIte:

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3 thoughts on “Ailunce HD1 Firmware 1.5.4 Upgrade – TheSmokinApe

  1. I love my HD1. I was surprised they didn't expand the contacts storage like I heard they were going to though. It would be so nice to just get all of them. Perhaps you could suggest this to them. Great videos, keep up the good work! 73 de K8MRD.

  2. I noticed when you turned on the radio it talked and said channel mode. I am a blind ham and are all ways looking for accessible DMR Radios for us blind hams. What other things will the radio speak? Will it speak channels, Talk Groups, frequencies or anything else? Currently I use a Radioddity GD77S which talks and will speak most things but with no screen or keypad cannot enter a talk group directly without using a PC. Thanks for your reviews of Ham Radio Gear.

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