"Attention" DJI Mavic Air | Firmware v01.00.0500 Updated on Sept. 30, 2018

So far the propeller errors have not show up while flying in sport mode. I had to leave for a few hours after the 1st flight. When I got back the weather had changed from sunny to misting. So I will have to continue testing the updates from the new firmware v01.00.0500, I will have more flight tests soon. Thank you for watching and I hope this helps you.

DJI Forum link for the firmware v01.00.0500

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28 thoughts on “"Attention" DJI Mavic Air | Firmware v01.00.0500 Updated on Sept. 30, 2018

  1. Thanks everyone for watching. I hope this video helps you, I just wanted to say that I don't recommend or recommend down loading this firmware. I leave that to your own opinion. I just made this video to show that there was a new firmware, that I'm doing tests with right now. Thank you again, Donnie

  2. Your mavic air just lag at 260 feet that's horrible that's what sucks about Wi-Fi ocusync is so much better I love my mavic 2 zoom the mavic air is a toy compare to the mavic 2 and even the pro I have no lagging with my mavic pro and I live in residential area and where you are flying it's so opened and you're drone still lag that's why I returned my mavic air the lag was horrible hopefully DJI will come out with a mavic Air 2 and use ocusync instead of crappy Wi-Fi the mavic air could have been a great drone if DJI would have used ocusync

  3. Reports state that this update fixed the issue where you got a fly away when trying to land due to the rear sensors detecting an obstruction, never had this happen………… Until I updated to v500, first time out and what happens, I got a fly away due to this and no controls responded – managed to stop it by going into a auto return to home. Reported to DJI – no response.

  4. I haven't seen or noticed a difference at all with the update, I love my mavic air but it would be great if I didn't have to calibrate before every damn flight. I wish they would update that.

  5. I am flying my Mavic Air for more then 3 months with firmware 0.4000 and never had any issue.
    2 days ago I have updated to the new 0.5000 firmware and went for a test flight.
    On the first flight, after 2 min, my gimbal reset it self during the flight. Later this flight I got a warning "Propeller guard or extra payload detected". I don't fly with the guard and I didn't add anything to my AIR. Also I had 2 shorts "signal lost" message during this short flight. I never had any of this problems before updating.
    Yesterday I rolled back to 0.4000 and went to 3 batteries flight. I had to issues at all after going back to 0.400

  6. My Mavic Air sometime stuck on compass calibration that I cannot bypass it at all. Tried doing reset and firmware with computer. It's mostly always ask for compass calibration even on the same location after landing and take off again. I could fly it sometimes and sometime compass calibration just turn me off. Anyone having this kind of issue? Got it to DJI check but with no problem at all.

  7. Awesome information my friend I knew they was coming out with a new firmware but I didn't know when that was an excellent information very thorough my friend and the flight was awesome I enjoyed it the camera is so clear and the Drone is so steady and smooth my friend that flies really smooth and excellent in the video very clear and steady that is a nice aerial photography drone that's pretty awesome my friend I love the scenery by the way what does sports mode mean I hear everybody talking about it that owns one but I didn't know what it meant thank you my friend for sharing this video with all of us terrific job on it it was really awesome to see and very informative I appreciate it take care my friend I hope you're doing well and I will see you at your next video chairs and God bless my friend ✌️

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