DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update V01 03 0800 YES or NO!!??

Was half way through A review & bugger me, DJI drop a MAvic Pro Firmware Update!!!
So updated and tested it!
Whats changed, whats different? Will my DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fly???
Let me know below how you got on, Have you upgraded? Are you sticking with what you got?

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45 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update V01 03 0800 YES or NO!!??

  1. Tried to use my Mavic Pro out in the countryside (Western Australia) and it would not work as there was no mobile network. Not sure how to put it back to the older software but I'm about to give it a go. How do I prevent it from automatically updating again as I never did the upgrade to V01.04.0000 ???

  2. anyone know how to uninstall this Firmware upgrade? my Mavic does not fly as high as it used too, not that i want to go crazy high but i need it higher and further than it flys since this upgrade.

  3. Install a firewall and you'll never get the harassing update notices, take control… Best App version 4.0.7… Best System Firmware – – Best RC Controller Firmware <<<<< No NFZ's no login requirements…. No worries….

  4. Nothing like paying top dollar for a drone with a 4 mile range that can only travel a couple hundred feet in any direction. If you really want to get out there buy a kite or balloon and hang a camera on that.

  5. Im not able to fly with my nvidia shield tablet when not near wi fi connection out in the field. Must i have internet connection with this new firmware update?

  6. Before I left for trip I tried and tested after the update, seems no problem. But then when I get to my trip I have no internet and I cant log in to my account. Then that's the problem my flight was restricted.😩

  7. So, how about this scenario, i go to the wilderness with ipad mini 4 with cellular just to get gps but i have no sim card in said ipad. and even if i did, theres no cell signal in the wilderness. so, i cant log in to anything . am i restricted to 30/50 ? becasue if i am, the mavic pro that i just ordered from amazon is going straight back. dji will not control me like that. please tell me i misunderstand this change.

  8. I'm a freakin newb (less than a week old newb), being compliant by following the rules, & updated the firmware through the DJI assistant 2. I then watched some videos & saw that you can turn off the GEOfencing thing since I live in a freakin NFZ. I figured if I can get out of the airport 5 miles radius NFZ, it will have that option to turn off the GEO. Nope. No option. It's not even there to turn it off!!
    My overall status says, "forward vision sensor calibration error". Signed in the DJI assistant 2, clicked calibration option on my iMac, & the dots on the screen that's needed to calibrate… it's not there to help me calibrate (no dots). Switched my iMac to use windows, downloaded the DJI assistant 2, & even though it's physically connected (my mav pro) it doesn't connect. Ugh!! WTF?!?

  9. iheard it updates the battery is this true ?if yes do you have to update 3times if you have 3 batteries? please advise
    a friend bought a new one and has 2 of his batteries with red flashing led

  10. Love the update software…took me about 40 tries to get an update in. No idea why it finally did succeed. Tried literally everything from PC app to formatting SD to changing cables etc. Kinda not the best thing to encourage trust for DJI software…

  11. So I started having major flying issues with my mavic prior to the update. I've never crashed it and it was 2 weeks old. It was shaking violently every time I attempted to move anywhere. I updated the firmware and it fixed it. I'm not sure if anyone else had the same experience as me but that is just my own personal experience. And I've also noticed I can move my gimble up higher than normal parallel sight. My gimble would not let me do that prior to the firmware update

  12. Great info. I was thinking about one to record when I fly FPV but, after spending 1000 on one I would feel cheated. I'll stick to flying FPV, no GPS. It's more challenging. One more way for the government has control of you.It's not for safety it's called control.

  13. We bought Mavic Pro because his characteristics the long range ,and the others wonderful features,now because the "mandatory " update the range has been reduced and the No Fly Zones getting bigger ,I feel cheated by DJI ,we paid a money for something now that is not what it suppose to be ,simple as that .

  14. Just to clarify yet again.

    This is only an issue when you move your flight area. For example, I travel and hike weekly, many times I go to different states. Usually I hike in remote areas.

    (prior to 800 FW I had no issue)

    When I go to any new area, the dji app prompts an NFZ zone update, I get 2 options, ignore or accept. If you have web on your phone you hit accept, it downloads super quick and you can fly as usual. If you hit ignore, mavic will only fly similarly to beginners mode. With height/distance limitations.

    The issue is…. If I have no web on my phone because I'm out hiking in remote areas…. I csnt update… So I'm stuck with a beginners mode limits…

    If I use a tablet that doesn't have web connection then The same thing happens.

    Otherwise the 800 FW is just fine, but thus NFZ zone prompts upon boot up of dji app is the issue.

    So…. So far, we don't quite know if this is a FW 800 issue or a dji go app.

    I used to run 700 with dji app at 4.1.0
    Now I run 800 with dji at 4.1.0.

    That makes it seem as If it's the FW 800 (it could be) but it could also be just the app pushing it…

  15. Maybe something worth to take notice of:
    The update resets many settings, also the setting of the way it stores the files to the micro-sd.
    Carefully backup your files, it starts counting the filenames back from 0001!

  16. I have no problems with my mavic, but what happens if I install this upgrade I want to fly and there's no internet connection? I understand it will be limited to 30meters distance…

  17. Good morning, I bought the DJI Mavic pro 1 month ago, I did not hit it, everything worked well until a few days ago when I turned it on I noticed that there was an update available from Firmware Update V01 03 0800, I agreed to download it as I always updated it , But when I finished updating I tried to see the new functions and noticed that the camera did not focus, everything was blurred, I took the auto focus but still the same, I put it in manual focus and did not tube any changes when focusing, resetie The camera and when doing the focus test if focusing for an instant but at the end is still the same, the focus was blocked 5 centimeters away from the camera, the objects at that distance if they are focused, also calibrate the gimbal and also not work , I opened the DJI Assistant 2 to restore it to factory settings and did nothing but test it, I returned it to Firmware Update V01 03 0700 which was working well and I tested it and nothing, turn it off I left it to rest 8 hours but when I turned it on the same, I went back to update to Firmware Update V01 03 0800, reset it to factory settings, refresh or reload in DJI Assistant 2, caliber vision sensors, Calm IMU, The gimbal, resetie the camera, and still the same, search the Internet for help but apparently nobody has happened to this, thank you very much for your prompt response.

  18. Hi dude,
    Thanks for the video. I've noticed that you are not using your antennas correctly. They should be at a 45 degree angle from your remote.

  19. yeah I know I'm still having the problem so my first problem was which I failed to mention I got the Snake Eyes when I was doing the update with the battery which corrupted it had to charge it for 3 hours then I did the update and it worked but now everything is working except the controller is sluggish when going forward it is not going at its normal speed almost like tripod mode it sometimes gets a little bit more responsive I've tried RC calibration the normal compass calibration and I've refreshed through my computer both of the updates on the Drone and the controller my friend is supposedly having the same problem is anybody else having this problem can help me out

  20. Hello, I upgraded to this version, I noticed that in the video part, it does not enable the 4k recording function, but 2.7k, confirms that 4k recording has been removed?

    I did a test using Litchi and the option to shoot in 4k still active and working, did DJI withdrew the 4k footage from the settings of that version?

  21. I did the update and I had a lot of trouble and then it finally worked on top of it since I did the update the firmware my drone flies slower it's like it's in tripod mode then all the sudden it will start flying normal and be reactive and then it goes back into the slow

  22. blockbuster was there on 700.

    i sorta wish i could go back easily to 400.
    it's the last version i was on without getting the swayed (drunken) horizon. hopefully 800 fixes it.

  23. As others have said, you need to put each of your batteries in, to update them as well. I was flying with the battery I had done the full update with, and when I switched to the other batteries, it took 2 or 3 minutes to update each of them, but I had it in airplane mode, to keep from being disturbed with calls or notifications and it still updated, so it may have saved the battery update onboard when I was at home, and updated without the need for an Internet connection. I suppose it is possible that it bypassed my airplane mode setting, but I don't believe it did.

  24. ive done update and seem to get a better signal no more magnetic interferance bullcrap and gimble seems to not need adjusting left to right now so all good

  25. Just to confirm. I update, log into the App, agree and all that and I'm good to go. OK, that's simple enough. What I want to know is what happens if I take it on holiday? I get to my location (I won't have access to the Internet) will I be able to take off? And if so, will I be restricted?

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