DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update V01.04.0400

Happy Firmware Update DAY DJI Mavic Pro owners. FW 01.04.0400 was slipped in on the 4th of July 2018. Its purpose? Not really sure, has improved video transmission though.
Save pain, Always update your firmware via the DJI Assistant 2 if you can. Download can be found HERE:
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38 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update V01.04.0400

  1. Wish I never heard the word "firmware update" I had two perfect batteries for my Maverick Pro Alpine until I tried to update now I have a $1,000 book weight and two useless batteries,I tried all the tips & tricks but none work because your battery has to be 50% charged and I'm lucky to get one light after charging all day!!

  2. latest update 9th sept seems to cause a few probs. App crashed on two occasions, RTH was a near disaster!! it just started to land where it was (over water too) settings were checked as allways before i took off and were in order to my preferance. the apps orientation changed and was upside down which made things a little awkward for the return journey. The mavic was only around 100 yds away and i got it back but it was a touchin cloth momment! To be fair i have only been flying 2 months so it could well be pilot error but though its best to let everyone know.

  3. From now on, DJI will (silently) introduce more and more restrictions/limitation to your freedom and "privacy". Trust me, among other things, it won't take much before they force their drones to broadcast ID data to everyone around you.
    I love my mavic as is, I use a phone without data connection (actually without simcard…) and I'm not planning to rush to install sketchy or non-thoroughly tested updates any time soon.
    If you take a look at what authorizations the DJI GO app has, you'll understand DJI can do pretty much whateverthefucktheywant while your phone is connected to internet, including up/download and install without notification.

  4. After a new update my Mavic Drone it disconnect after 350 meters? Plus I can only fly to about 1Km before the images cuts out?

  5. hi why does my wifi signal comes off whenever I connect my controller and aircraft and go for an update? even my laptop looses connection with wifi. thank you

  6. Had to add new comment – update seems to have had negative effects to my Mavic. Noticing the positioning is bad compared to b4 update. Used to be rock steady but now drifting more. Also had a CPU error on my iPad mini 3 that wasn't there b4. Research shows others experiencing similar post update (older). My video was also very choppy, which again was related to an update and the CPU issue. I'm reverting back to v01.04.0300 to see if it is stable again. On vacation and had the problem, worst time to get an issue.

  7. Completely new to my Mavic. Flown about 30 times. Found it incredibly easy and love it, until this update. It was so stable before, now it’s all over the place. Was trying to get some shots of a river from about 20ft above, it just started going down. Recoverable but it’s moving all over the place instead of hovering perfectly like it used to. What do I do? Recalibrate everything? Hope that it just goes back to normal?

  8. Hi Dylan, here’s a weird one – I have just finished updating through PC, connected Mavic to iPad… and it wants me to run the update again. Do you reckon it’s just the controller? Still over 200MB to download and a few minutes to wait😅

  9. And sometimes these "UPDATES" are without Question! There Only to Protect DJI from Lawsuits and Other liabilities. i can promise! you that.
    ( Altitude)
    ( Distance)
    (& Speed)….

  10. mine drifted left and right..send it last week, i can bet on that they only do firware update..and not test it….and still the issue will be just sayin…

  11. You sure about the DJI Go4App version? Mines is 4.2.20 and I don't see any later versions in the Google Play store and Check for Update says it is up to date

  12. I hope that they solved the video downlink trouble I have since last update… I didn't had one flawless flight in the old firmware version… And with several Mavicpros same issue

  13. WARNING: DJI no longer supports Android devices so anyone that attempts to use an Android device to fly your drone DON'T because you will lose it😞

  14. Stumbled across and was glad I found this, good stuff. Haven't had issues with my Mav or with updates, so will likely update b4 the weekend (taking the kids and the drones of course) on vacation. Appreciate your delivery, will be checking out more of your vids. You cracked me up on the reply to someone's dislike of the dislikes – your response of "I think it's the Mrs" was funny!

  15. All my firmware is up to date

    But for the DJI go 4 app. To have a smooth transmission without any blotches in the screen I had to downgrade to DJI go 4.2.16

  16. Dylan great video !! I am on version .300 and will wait a few days before upgrading. I have only had my MP for a couple of months and really don't want to risk screwing up a firmware update ! However your video gave me quite a bit of confidence !! Thanks !!

  17. I have gotten my real world 18 MPH in fixed wing mode flight time up to 25 minutes on the Mavic Pro with this update and landing with 10% battery left which is about a 3 minute improvement

  18. from what i gather the new firmware disables the ability to gain root access to your mavic so you cant remove the NFZ data file, there is a way around it but it requires you to downgrade the firmware twice using the NLD client from nolimitdronz, a bit of a pain but it works, my advice to anyone who has an unrestricted mavic like myself is to hold of at the moment, other than that the firmware dosent improve anything at all. just stay on the previous one or below.

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