DJI Phantom 2 – FIRMWARE Update, Quick Tutorial

Don’t be scared… Drone Camps RC walks new pilots through the easy way to install a new firmware update from DJI on their Phantom. Anyone can do it in just a few minutes. DC/RC is here to help new pilots become more self-sufficient.

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32 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 2 – FIRMWARE Update, Quick Tutorial

  1. I just bought a used phantom 2. With zenmuse. I'm trying to find out what software I need to update as well as, if there is an app that will let me use my phone with it to view camera

  2. Hi can you pls help me i have a phantom 2 with the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and dji data link.I bought it used
    and was told it had been in a crash .It was not a bad crash and looks good outside and inside .I have removed the gimbal and data link as to make it standard .it binds to the remote and picks up gps and the compass is calibrated .However it dose not seem to want to come down When in the air .And is very jittery almost like a car running out of fuel.And dose not want to land easily i have connected it to my pc and done a fiermware update and a IMU calibrations .it is running on the Naza -m mode .
    any help please
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  3. Hello, can be I ask you?
    I have the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, Compass Calibration does not end, the green light flashes red or yellow of the following.
    GPS can be not work, and he did it all lead to? If GPS does not have seasons will not work? GPS can work without? When is the perfect GPS is not working?

  4. im gonna save money for it a little bit more because shipment is about 120 $ and the drone it self in my country is 450$ i already got licence not that hard xD

  5. hey i watched a couple videos but im have trouble bringing up live picture on my samsung j7 i have the app.. and i tried everything but some reason i cant get live picture. any ideas?

  6. I just got a new, never opened DJI Phantom 1 today. Is it necessary to do the firmware update immediately or can I try the drone before doing the update. The Quickstart guide that I received with my Phantom isn't the best. It states to do the firmware update  and then charge the battery. If I have to power on to run the assistant software, shouldn't I charge the battery first? When I try to download the driver installer, I get a message that the signature file is corrupt. Is this because I am running Windows 10 on my computer? BTW, thanks for doing this video. It definitely helps.

  7. The trouble with all of the videos Iv seen is that they don't show you were to download the softwear or what the website is,I have the fc40 and cannot for the life of me find anyone willing to help, plus on Dji support is useless because they don't talk back to you, im an extreme novice at this,come on guys we all started at the bottom somewhere

  8. Hello,
    My phantom2 is coming down automatically wherever it is. I get know to reload p2 firmware and they are saying there is difference between updatation and reload of the firmware. so could you please post a video of the same…

  9. I have been trying to set the MC on my iPhone to max distance and it won't stay at what I set it at. Overtime I set it, I then X top right corner. Then go back to check it and it's set back at the default of 30M. Very frustrating. Can you please tell me how to properly set this? I must be doing something wrong but I cannot figure out what it is. 
    Thank you,

  10. Hey i have a question. I have never had problems with my DJI P2V+, no probs with upgrading software either until now. I upgraded to v3.14 and now its all gone wrong. I would like to know if i can "Rollback" the software to 3.08 where it was working fine?

  11. I have a PT2V+ but I never update the sofware because my PT2V+ can not connect to the my PC. every time i connect my PT2V+ to my PC they come up with the sign ( error . please connect the controller ) and in side the DJI window they have logo for phantom 2 only ,not PT2V+ look like i saw in youtube.Please tell me what i need to do for update the Firmware .thank you

  12. Hi there! Thank you so much for the video. It helped a lot. I am having a problem, though. The update went fine, but a box appeared sating "basic calibration error"… Nothing else appears, so I don't really know what to do… Any idea? Thanks in advance!

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