DJI Ronin-S Firmware Update | EACHSHOT Dual Handle Grip Review

Friendly Review of the EACHSHOT Ronin-S Dual Handle Grip ( Eachshot sent us this Ronin-S accessory to try out. It has 10 1/4″ threaded holes to attach accessories such as a monitor, light, or microphone. It adds a lot of extra control. It is ergonomic as well distributing the load to both hands. The only difficulty comes when you need to make adjustments to the controls on the camera or the Ronin due to the controls being located in the middle. I will be using this for a lot of studio filming or if I need to use the Ronin-S a lot when I’m out and about.

Ronin-S ( FW Update – In this video, we go over the DJI Ronin-S Firmware Update version and which came out in November 2018. It has a number of bug fixes. Orientation of the focus wheel, freeze issue with the Canon 5D Mark IV, as well as other minor bugs. We found it now displays the FW version properly in the App.

We answer a number of questions such as what do the motors sound like, where do you find the serial number, and how do you use the Motion Track feature in the App. We found there is a bug in the current version of the App/FW where you must exit and re-enter the app to add points.

Check them out the release notes here:

EACHSHOT DH-RoninS Dual Handle Gimbal Grip Handheld Handlebar Scratch Proof Anti-Slip Compatible DJI Ronin S:

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Ronin-S Review @ City Museum –
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6 thoughts on “DJI Ronin-S Firmware Update | EACHSHOT Dual Handle Grip Review

  1. I’m really glad you’re doing continuing ronin S coverage. I have the same dual handle grip and I utterly love it but yes I hope that DJI releases an official version that has the controls on one of the grip handles as it would make life so much easier. Also the track function is amazing and I really want to use it more but right now it’s interface and set up is a complete nightmare… and what’s up with not being able to set it to loop either? Seems that if we take 10 minutes to set up some sweet camera movements we would love the option for it to loop back to the beginning and start again. One question, can you map the focus wheel to any other controls? I’d love to map my roll axis to the focus wheel so that way i could have my joystick be pan and tilt instead of having to choose to map 2 (pan/tilt) out of 3 (pan/tilt/roll) to the joystick and losing one.

  2. Hi Reviewer like the videos. In the Track screen you don’t need to come out of that screen to highlight the plus sign, just tap on the numbered circle that is blue and it should turn white then move the camera to the required position and hit the plus sign. Alan

  3. The handle looks like a good addition. hopefully DJI release a simular remote to Zhiyuns one they did for the Crane 2 so one can add that to the handle to help with control. Otherwise I would like to look for a Single handle add on handle so you have one hand on the handle and one on the Ronin S that way you still have some control. hmm I think this inspires me to a do my own rig.

  4. Thanks for the update on the update 👍
    Sadly, I haven't used my Ronin S since the first video I did with it when I first got it and haven't done any updates yet. Still have heaps of videos to edit from earlier this year.

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