24 thoughts on “Dragon Link Firmware Update with USB device – Instructions

  1. Hey I really need the firmware update for V3 advanced. My system is useless without it. Your Dropbox sites are all 404. Please give me a link for the firmware upgrade. Thank you.

  2. Mike, Will you do a video on the options for the 12 channel set-up,,,please!!! I have used the GUI to make channel 7 on my DL micro Rx to put out S-BUS but nothing happens on the decoder to get four channels out of channel seven? What gives?

  3. hey mike i brought my dragonlink from you few weeks ago and the noise uhf is doing to my 1280 video is terrible how do i update it to the 1280 friendly firmware i try'd but couldn't work it out thanks 

  4. Hey Mike.
    I'm not sure if any of my messages got through but chris was able to get back to you in regards to equipment needed or wanted.
    I'm still trying to figure out if you have received any of my long thank you messages.
    It's only going to get better flying with the latest and updated equipment. Chris is out this weekend shooting Morrow Bay and should come back with some new footage for me to process. That kid needs a gimbal. I think he's a great pilot and it's a shame to let all that footage go to waste.
    Anyway, thanks Mike. I hear you ride too.
    Nice…….When I have time.

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