ESP8266 ESP-01 WiFi IoT Flashing Firmware Update Espressif Version (512kByte/4Mbit) Tutorial 2

ESP8266 ESP-01 WiFi IOT Module Flashing Firmware Update Espressif Version Tutorial 2. How to update ESP8266 ESP01 Espressif version firmware using ESP Flash Download Tool.

I N F O :
Default Version (Jun 5 2015):
SDK 0.9.5 (Ai-Thinker)
AT (Ai-Thinker)

Upgrade to latest supported (4Mbit Flash of ESP-01) Espressif version (Sep 18 2015) – Refer Important NOTES for details:
SDK 1.4.0 (Espressif Non-OS no-boot)
AT (Espressif Non-OS no-boot – Sep 18 2015)

ESP-01 Board Flash size: 4Mbit/512KByte version

F I R M W A R E :
Required Firmware file and address (4Mbit/512KB version):
1. esp_init_data_default.bin (0x7c000)
2. atnobooteagle.flash.bin (0x00000)
3. atnobooteagle.irom0text.bin (0x10000)
4. blank.bin (0x3e000)
5. blank.bin (0x7e000)

P R E P A R A T I O N :
Item Required:
1. ESP8266 ESP-01 (Hardware) –
2. FTDI USB to Serial UART Adapter (Hardware) –
3. Jumpers (Hardware) –
4. Breadboard (Hardware) –
5. PuTTY (Software) –
6. ESP Flash Download Tool (Software) –
7. NON-OS ESP8266 SDK Firmware (Firmware) –

Extra (For external Power Supply):
1. 3.3V 1A Voltage Regulator (AZ1117T) –
2. Mini/Micro USB Breakout Board –
3. Power Bank

S T E P S :
1. Prepare all the hardware required.
2. Build up all connection between ESP8266 ESP-01 and FTDI.
3. Download PuTTY Software.
4. Download ESP Flash Download Tool.
5. Download the latest Espressif Non-OS ESP8266 SDK firmware (use this SDK 1.4.0 version since this is the only version applicable for 4Mb of flash size – refer IMPORTANT NOTES below).
6. Connect and check the current version of firmware using PuTTY.
7. Upload the latest Espressif firmware using ESP Flash Download Tool.
8. Check the latest version of firmware using PuTTY.

I M P O R T A N T N O T E S :
1. External power supply is required if the PuTTY or Serial Monitor unable to give response or always show an error.
2. 4Mbit of Flash is not supported for SDK v1.5.0 (15_11_27) and above for both boot and non-boot mode due to large size of AT firmware (Starting ESP8266_AT_v0.51). Please use 8Mbit Flash or larger.
3. 4Mbit of Flash is only support non-boot mode for SDK v1.1.0 (15_05_22) until SDK v1.4.0 (15_09_18).
4. Please refer to README file in bin/at/ folder for another flash size.
5. If you have an upgraded version of ESP-01 with 8Mbit of flash size (Black Color), Please refer ESP-201 (8Mbit Flash size) tutorial video on how to download latest SDK firmware. Link here:

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