Fender Mustang GT-100 Amplifier Review (Firmware 2.0.25) Is it Fixed?

This is my review of the Fender Mustang GT-100 guitar amplifier with the latest firmware version 2.0.25. In this video I am using all of my own presets rather than the stock presets because making your own is going to make the tones sound way better.

Time Codes:

0:00 – How it sounds in the mix (no post processing)
1:07 – My Fender Mustang history and how I got this new amplifier
3:23 – An essential Fender Mustang GT-100 “Tone Tip”
3:50 – The presets I made for the amplifier (Sound Samples)
17:37 – Has the amplifier improved? My final thoughts.

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39 thoughts on “Fender Mustang GT-100 Amplifier Review (Firmware 2.0.25) Is it Fixed?

  1. Time Codes:

    0:00 – How it sounds in the mix (no post processing)
    1:07 – My Fender Mustang history and how I got this new amplifier
    3:23 – An essential Fender Mustang GT-100 "Tone Tip"
    3:50 – The presets I made for the amplifier (Sound Samples)
    17:37 – Has the amplifier improved? My final thoughts.

    This is my review of the Fender Mustang GT-100 guitar amplifier with the latest firmware version 2.0.25. In this video I am using all of my own presets rather than the stock presets because making your own is going to make the tones sound way better.

  2. I use this amplifier to study at home and could not be more satisfied, it offers many possibilities from bluetooth, wiffi, loopstation, effects and a good sound to me.

  3. Hi Shane. I'm just a novice but I've always loved the Fender Sound. I have a Fender Strat and a Gibson Les Paul and I predominantly play a lot of classic rock (aka Beatles, Stones, CCR, U2). I was wondering if I could ask for your opinion on amps. I'm tossing up between this Mustang GT-100 and the Boss Katana 100. From what I can tell, the Fender produces a nicer tone (especially on clean) but the Boss has enormous flexibility and sound tweaking ability. If you had to choose between these two, which would you go for? ALSO, where can I download some of your excellent patches for this unit (if I decide to go this way)? Cheers from Maurie – Brisbane

  4. This is the best amp ever for anybody who is not living off music. The app puts thousands of effects made by Fender users, that emulate most songs or artists at the tip of my finger, without spending a dime on pedals which I don't I don't really know I'll like. Wanna Franz Ferdinand, Djent, or Hendrix effect? It's there.

  5. I was under the impression this was a good choice for a gigging amp up until about 21:30 minutes into this video.
    Then Shane makes a comment that confuses me. Trying to paraphrase, he says this amp is fine if you don't have high expectations. Fine for playing at home or jamming. So if you expect this amp to hold up to a decent gigging tube amp, your expectations are too high ?
    Yes, that would be my expectation. Is that expectation too high ?
    Maybe someone can expand on this for me.

  6. It sounds flat and tinny. I think that Boss Katana sounds better. I have the Mustang IV 2×12 and the Katana 100. The only thing I don't like about the Katana is that you don't have as many preset patch spots to save your tones. The Katana only has 8 patch saves. I also use a Boss GT-100 floor based processor. I'm thinking of getting a Line 6 Spider V. Have you tried that amp?

  7. If I buy a new Mustang GT, is it already loaded with the new firmware version or does it come with the original version and I need to go through an upgrade process? Also, I like the price point of the GT40, am I sacrificing anything by getting it instead of the GT100? I don't plan to gig with it but use it as a practice amp and for home recording.

  8. Shane, my mans.

    Im looking a budget amp (300$ US) that would get me the best fender clean at that price.

    Round where I live the only old mustang that sells is the mustang I v2, and the GTs

    I a bedroom player who 95% plays clean and in love with the twin verb cleans.

    Pls help you guys

  9. Hi Shane, still enjoying my Mustang III v2 and the patches you made for it. I have a question: I want to buy a 4-button footswitch for it, but they are discontinued. Do you know if the 4-button switch from the GT can be used for the III v2? Thanks a lot mate, keep on bluesin'

  10. If one were to swap out the stock FRFR speaker with a guitar speaker… what speaker would you recommend to make it sound more authentic? I ask this from a standpoint of someone who likes clean tones with minimal to moderate preamp gain for jazz, blues, funk, etc. and who is used to tube amps and basic pedalboards. Or do you think the stock speaker is necessary?

  11. So after watching your videos, I'm going to pull the trigger on a GT100. I appreciate that you minimize the bias and cut to the chase. The amp's only $350 so I'm not expecting it to sound like a stack of Marshalls.

  12. I heavily dislike this amp. I was never a digital guy, but being open minded, I bought it wanting it to work for me and I tried heavily to make it work but without any luck. I sold it for half of price I paid, after months trying to get 65% of the price for new amp. No. I sold it with THE footswitch for the half of the price of the amp alone. The biggest problem of this amp is feeling you have while you play guitar. I felt completely disconnected from my instrument. It was like listening to some other dude playing on radio. Few tones may be acceptable for listening person but overall nothing. Whenever I turned on any of other amps i immediately sensed that direct connection with the tone from the amp/speaker. Its cheap but its not worth its price.

  13. Hello congratulations for the review !
    On an amplifier with no aux input you can connect an MP3 player to the input FX RETURN?
    Which can be an alternative or a different solution ?
    Greetings from Italy

  14. Best review I've seen so far. You got good enough tones to go into a store and check one out, which I think is 75% of the goal. These are MUCH better than the original. With the BOSS Nextone coming out, the guys manufacturing this type of amp is in trouble. From what I've heard, and that could change once I get one physically in front of me, the demo's I've seen of the Nextone are beautiful. They fixed the fizzy, "toy-ish" Katana sounds. It seems like Boss took Yamaha's THR concept and took it to the next level….which if successful, will be a beautiful thing. Like I said, the demo's may be a bunch of BS….but, so far, it's damn good. Great demo, and very well done! I'm a subscriber.

  15. Is this GT 100 amp gig worthy? I’ve got an older Mustang III 100 & it performs wonderfully. This GT 100 however is lighter & has some great sounds. I was wondering if it’s as loud in a gig scenario? Have you done an A, B comparison yet? I’d like to see that. Thanks & I always value your insight & opinion on Fender products!

  16. Hi Shane, first of all, sorry for my english, ad for my long comment, I've some questions:
    Some weeks ago I've wrote this at an old video of yours, about your Mustang comparisons vs original tube amps videos, I repeat it:

    – I've got a Fender Mustang III V2 essentially due to your awesome video comparisons.
    – I've a Fender Blues Deville 4×10 Tweed 60W, which isn't properly a tone monster but not a bad amp at all (I'm into tube amps since 25 years and I like also digitar gear, in the past I've owned some tube tone monsters)
    – I've just A/B the Fender Mustang III V2 and the Fender Blues Deville 4×10 Tweed, in a studio at low , medium and high (cranked) volume levels

    My impressions are that – in a real audio room/environment, especially at high volumes – the Blues Deville destroy the Mustang which seems a toy i comparison, for sound mass and mojo…

    I'd say when you are at about bedroom playing levels the mustang is awesome, but when you crank it near a cranked real tube amp is awful

    Here a primary distinction bring back evident: real tube=a lot of mojo, digital simulation= a lot of fizz

    What about the volume level of the comparisons you did?

    I mean, I've the impression that the kind of comparisons you made are good as digital representations: the sound source is digitally recorded and digitally played…in real situations the differences are still huge

    So, maybe I'm wrong, but I've the impression that your comparisons are "mustang" friendly, I mean: if I try to force a tube amp into the mustang territory is different than if I set a tube amplifier in it's shining maximum performance high volume level, and then I try to emulate this with a Mustang….Set a digital tool in it's best performance and put a analog tube amp near it is different from set a tube amp to it's best performance and try to emulate this in a real sound ambient with a digital modeling amp.

    I wish I was clear about this detail, I think is a fundamental aspect to do an objective, not biased, comparison. I mean: more than the comparisons we need to be clear about the method the use to compare….anyway, I don't want to seem suspicious, insolent, your work is awesome, but I've the impression of this kind of bias…

    Or, above all, maybe, simply, the 2×12 150w version of the Fender Mustang can do the cranked comparison job better than the 1×12?

    Overall, in real situations you listen (and your finger reacts if you are the player) the sound mass came from the cabinet and the real speakers, the last element of the chain…in my case a real 4×10 Eminence alnico speakers cab shows an huge mojo difference for the 1×12 cheap Mustang cab….(I would listen a cranked real Plexi with a 4×12 Greenbacks near a Mustang)…ok, maybe some tube amps are too loud, but In real playing situations with power rock trio it seems you still need to get real tubes if you want to get the mojo…with a loud drummer I put my Blues Deville at 1/3 volume, and in this territory the Mustang seems a fizzy-toy compared to the mojo-Deville…..anyway I think I'll try a mustang 2×12 to do a further test…and, yes, in this particular video the sound of the amp seems to me a bit fizzy-digital….maybe is only and impression, and maybe I'm (tube) biased too

    This was my impression, but now I've recently swapped the original Mustang III.V2 speaker with an Eminence Legend 1218: such a difference! with the new speaker the amp is awesome, also at high volume, now is better than a Boss Katana 100 (while with the original Celestion the Katana was better than the Mustang), now, with a speaker upgrade my MII.V2 is a good amp also at cranked real tube amp volume levels.

    I've seen you've swapped your Mustang III.V2 with an Eminence Swamp Thang (which I want to try too, to listen if I'll be able to improve the 1218 performance).
    You didn't specified if your comparison popular videos "Mustang V2 vs classic tube amps" were done with the Mustang original speaker or with the Eminence upgrade, I assume you've done that with the uprgrade, do you confirm?

    My whole impression is that a speaker upgrade on this kind amps can do a huge difference, so, maybe also the problem form the new GT Mustang amps – which on this video, also with the new firmware still seems to sounds boxy, flat, distant, fizzy… too bad – could came form the cheap Celestion speakers…is this possible?
    Could you do a test on the Mustang GT with a speaker upgrade? 
    could you try a Swamp thang on this and a7b with the original speakers?
    i.e. I would listen a MIIIV2 vs A GT100 both with the original speakers, and both with an Eminence upgrade
    or it would be interesting to listen this amps also with a JensenC12K (which is famous to be one of the main issue for the quintessential Fender sound)

    Eventually I would buy a Mustang GT200 and upgrade the speakers with 2 good Eminence, maybe in neodymium, or with 2 Jensen C12K…maybe someone did this?

    thanks in advance

  17. It’s good to know the software updates improved the sound of the Mustang GT-100. You are getting some good sounds out of it but I am not compelled to get rid of my Mustang III v.2 to buy it.

  18. Hi Shane I'm looking at either the mustang 3 or the vt100 booth are the same price any idea what I should get i like a good Metallica tone with some Hendrix etc soloing like satriani etc thanks mate great review

  19. So would you choose this or the bugera v5 I know one is tube and the other modelling but can’t decide which would be better purely for home use

  20. Hi Shane… really interested to hear that the new firmware seems to really improve the amp (also heard the same from other sources). I’m currently looking for a new amp and this is on the shortlist… I really love cleanish Fender tones so I’d go for this over something like the Katana as far as digital amps go… However, the deal breaker for me would be does it take pedals well? I currently run an EHX Soul Food as my ‘always on’ pedal with a TS9 to give the front end an extra kick as well as a Proco Rat. Sorry for the long post!

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