GH5 Autofocus and Long Term Review (firmware v 2.4) 2019

I’ve been using the Panasonic GH5 for about 15 months now. In this video, I share my thoughts on the camera’s features including the hot-button issue of continuous autofocus for video. All in all, the GH5 is still a beast of a camera in 2019.

Original music (“Barney’s Breakdown” and “5/4 Study”) by yours truly, Carl Culpepper, Bert the Cat Music, ASCAP.


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11 thoughts on “GH5 Autofocus and Long Term Review (firmware v 2.4) 2019

  1. This is such a great video my men! i own the g85 and the sony a6300 but i've been considering on selling the sony and getting a GH5 instead, the autofocus has never bothered me, honestly I think IBIS is the main feature for videographers, but im glad they have improved the AF

  2. I've never had a Panasonic gh5 thinking about buying one here real soon because of the in-body stabilization among the few other things. I already own the Canon Mount 18-35 mm Sigma I'll probably buy the cheap adapter at first, maybe pick up the metabones later if I like the gh5. Anyhow I subscribe..Thanks for the info.

  3. My 12-35 seems much narrower than yours. What are you using to hold your camera? My head is huge and with M43 it's hard to find a lens wide enough for vlogging for me. It's really bothersome 🙁 Also personally I've found M43 glass to be fairly expensive compared to most. Cropped sensor sony and cannon lenses seem so much cheaper. I still use a lot of my canon glass with a speedbooster.

  4. Nice video, I am a ne owner of a GH5 and it's real pleasure to play with this "toy", it has a lot of capatibilities ! Still learning to use it perfectly but the AF is not a problem for me ! Thanks for sharing this useful information 🙂

  5. Great stuff – and no, you dont sound like a fanboy. Check Sony channels to see what fanboism is 😉 Sadly the AF problems have seriously damaged Lumix’ reputation to an extent that many YT camera channels have given up on them.That is said as they are very capable cameras and the M4/3 ecosystem still has its advantages over FF, especially for filming.The G85 is a good choice as B-cam, offering tremendous value for money. And better AF from the start than the Gh5. Same for the G9, which also had better AF with the first firmware version. But reputation damage is something that is difficult to repair. And Panasonic, despite providing firmware updates, is doing too little to come back big time. Which they have to as the FF cameras that they are launching in March are also using contrast based autofocus. If they dont fix this issue – you shouldn’t have any doubts when you are vlogging that you could be out of focus and the system must not hunt when you e.g. are filming a person’s performance – I am afraid they will not make it. If they solve the focus issues, I will continue to invest in the brand. If not, I am out.

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