How to downgrade Parrot Bebop Drones firmware

How to downgrade Parrot Bebop Drones firmware
With the help of Martin from Larry TheLamb YouTube Channel:
Martin Instructions:

1. Connect Bebop to PC/Laptop via wifi

2. download and install Filezilla

3. open Command Prompt

4. turn on Bebop 2 by pressing power button, then press 4 times when That button finishes flashing

5. type in the Command Prompt box telnet and press enter – it should connect to Bebop 2

6. then type mount -o remount,rw / and then press enter

7. then type vi version.text and press enter – it will say your version number at the top 3.3.0

8. now type r1:wq then press enter

9. then retype vi version.txt and press enter your Bebop 2 should now be version 1.3.0

10. Open Filezilla and where it says Host type in press enter and it will connect to Bebop 2

11. now find your 3.2.0 firmware on Laptop/PC and drag an drop it to the folder on the right that says internal_000

12. once it has finished transfering to the bebop close Filezilla and open Command Promt again and type telnet press enter should connect to Bebop 2 again

13. once connected via telnet type /bin/updater/ /data/ftp/internal_000 and press enter an it will transfer firmware to updater

14. reboot the Bebop 2 and wait for it to update itself, after it has updated an rebooted, remove battery for 1 minute place battery back in and power on Bebop 2

15. do a factory reset of Bebop 2 by holding the power button until it resets.

16. see how she flies and happy flying


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47 thoughts on “How to downgrade Parrot Bebop Drones firmware

  1. Bro I done as u said actually my drone got mad all motors r just perfect altho when I start it says cut off error and motor stalled so I thought it was firm ware fault than I saw ur video I done as u said but on command prompt when i enter code and click enter it says telnet error can't recognise

  2. Feliz natal. Tenho o bebop 2 e hoje ganhei o bebop power. Posso usar o mesmo telefone que esta sendo usado no bebop2? Ou tenho q baixar outro programs?obrgigado

  3. Hello Hugo. Thank you for the video, it went as described. Good to know how to access the internal memory. Unfortunately my bebop won't take any update in any way, not even like this. I am on 1.98.10!!! Does anybody knows what to replace or format to get it to get updates?? I am out of options. At least now I know how to access internal memory via Telnet, thank you, but with the commands here mentioned did't force the update. Any Ideas? I would appreciate it.

  4. Boa tarde uma pergunta. Eu tenho o bebop 1 e o bebop 2 todos el3s forao feitos a ultima actualização o bebop 2 com o 4.2.0 tinha problemas ate que meterao logo a seguir o 4.2.1 e ta a funcionar mas o bebop 1 meti o 4.0.6 e agora nao me funciona o gps nao encontra nada tambem tens o mesmo problema. Podesse tornar ao anterior firware se sim como? Obrigado

  5. Hola, muy bueno el tutorial, mi problema es que al escribir "vi versión.txt" nunca me marca la versión actual en la parte superior para poder modificarla, actualmente tengo versión 4.2.0

  6. Helder, boa tarde. tenho um bebop1. É o mesmo procedimento? fiz a atualização automática e o bebop ficou estranho, so acha 5 satélites e voa todo errado. Queria fazer o downgrade dele. Acho que a versão de fábrica é a 2. 02 ou coisa parecida. Estou procurando ainda.

  7. There's no need of computers to Telnet or FTP anything. Just put the downgrade on FAT32 memorystick, stick it in the Bebop, start the Bebop and activate Telnet port by clicking button four times. Flashing takes a few minutes.

  8. I have an important question. I found firmware V3.2.0 on your link on the internet. It's 18.207kB. On my tablet i found in the ARPRO 3 app, in the folder Bebop2, firmware V3.2.0 from 30 may 2016. This is 23.374kB. There is also a folder named ardrone. This firmware is 18.207kB, like yours. Which is better? Both PLF files… It is for BB1.

  9. I hope V3.3.0 is better for my old BB1. My battery time is now only 4 minutes, before update V4.0.5 was it over 10 min. (GIFI Batteries) Thank you for sharing! Greetings from Holland.

  10. Do you have any ideas where I could find on the internet older firmware versions for the Bebop2?
    I've also got very high battery usage with 4.0.5 but can't find anywhere 3x firmware files.

  11. Boa noite, estou Pensando em comprar um bebop 2 poderia por favor me dar uma said dicas do tipo SE compensa ou nao,
    Nao seria para trabalhar e sim apenas diversao. Muito obrigado

  12. hi i just got a bebop 1 and i update the version and now i have de 4.0.4 but the battery drains very fast. not even 1 minute on air. which version you recomend to downgrade and see if this works.
    thanks from mexico

  13. well, sorted it out, but am running 2.0.57 and hovered with a 96% charged battery, for foooor, wait wait 8 minutes, absolutely love you guys all i need is a functionally 3.2 version, the one i found was corupted

  14. Hi. Very nice guide. Gonna try this in the weekend, if some of you guys have an old firmware that you could share. My bebop1 on 4.0.4 dropped dramaticly to max 4:20minutes of flighttime, on 3.3 i got 5:30min. And prior that 2.0.75??? Got 8:30-9 easy.
    Cand you confirm that the guide text in line 7 should be txt??? Best regards. Johan

  15. Hi

    I have an issue here: the comand promp tell me this – 'telnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    WHAT can I do now??


  16. 'text' in line 7 (of the written instructions) should be 'txt' just like line 9. I copied the instructions to notepad and was able to copy/paste into the command prompt (after 8 tries). Unfortunately I cannot find the right file for 3.2 , after all this work I still have 3.3…augggg! p.s. softpedia has the wrong file…

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