How to Install Modified Firmware Viofo Dash Cam

This video demonstrates How to Load BCHobbyist Modified Firmware on VIOFO Dash Cams using a Laptop, microSD card reader and power adapter. When Renaming the MOD file don’t change the file extension. // // How to Install Modified Firmware in 10 Steps
Step 1) Download the Dashcam version and MOD desired from Link above.
Step 2) COPY new FW MOD file to Root of microSD card using computer.
Step 3) RENAME the FW file from FWA129_MOD-27W+DCTeam.bin to FWA129.bin
RENAME the FW file from FWA119S_MOD-26S+DCTeam.bin to FWA119S.bin
RENAME the FW file from FWA119P_MOD-27P+DCTeam.bin to FWA119P.bin
RENAME the FW file from FWBA119_MOD-27L+DCTeam.bin to FWBA119.bin
Step 4) Safely Remove memory card from computer.
Step 5) Disconnect power to Dashcam.
Step 6) Insert memory card with correctly named binary file into Dash Cam.
Step 7) Connect power to Dashcam wait 60 seconds for update to restart the Dashcam.
Step 8) Dashcam will restart on its own, do not disconnect power cable.
Step 9) Stop recording, enter MENU, select DEFAULT Setting, wait for Dash Cam to restart.
Step 10) Configure MENU settings Resolution, Loop, Sharpness, GPS, Date, Time Zone.

Disclaimer: All BCHobbyist Modified Firmware is rigorously tested by DCTeam Members under all conditions world wide. These MODs are not official VIOFO releases and considered Beta Firmware, I/we are not responsible for damage, loss, injury, or greatly improved image quality, use at your own risk.

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5 thoughts on “How to Install Modified Firmware Viofo Dash Cam

  1. Created easy to understand tutorial on How to Install BCHobbyist MODs on A129, A119S, A119Pro, A119 Dash Cameras. The binary MOD files must be Renamed without changing the last three letter file extension. Hopefully this video makes things easier to understand. See if you can notice which camera has a mismatched part.

  2. Thank you, however, I fell asleep numerous times attempting to watch the whole thing, lol. THAT MUSIC! OMG! LOL Or do you have subliminal hypnotic messages hidden in the audio, lol. "Your eyes are getting heavy", "Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier". haha

  3. Thanks for the tutorial in video which can be more understandable to some of us than when only in writing. Also thanks for the assistance on DCT this morning- ATB!

  4. No Dash Cameras were destroyed in the making of this Tutorial but required 1 snow storm and 4 Espresso stimulant injections just to correctly orient the verbiage for maximum audience absorption and retention chosen by well compensated focus group.

  5. Finally, Even I can Understand what your Doing, as I'm Not a Programmer. Now I'll Update my A119s's, and A119… I have an A119s that is F1.8 and the Other is an F1.6,(not a Pro) any Problems to look For….. Thanks for the Clear instructions…. Note, the F1.6 was sent to me by Viofo(China) as a Defect Replacement, But Identical, other wise….

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