How to update Fs7 Firmware

sony Fs7 firmware update:


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  1. Another poor instruction video that is incomplete and wrong and thus wasted my time. A 64 GB card will work too and you need the .bin file even if on a Mac it still looks zipped. Thank you to the commenters below for the complete answer.

  2. If you are still getting the no file after unzipping the file, (on a mac it may still looked zipped but if it is .bin its OK) try removing the XQD cards, helps the camera no where to look for the file.? Sounds silly but it worked for me.

  3. Very important: you need to unzip the initial file and then copy over ONLY THE .BIN FILE otherwise you will get a "No File" message and nothing will happen.This is not mentioned in this video, and could have saved me 2 hours of frustration 🙂 Also make sure you use a SDHC card and not a UHS one (this IS mentioned in the video and is also very important).

  4. You forgot to mention that the file that needs to go to the SD card after download is the .bin file. Leave all of the others that come in the zipped folder off the card. Only copy the .bin file across.

  5. Hi, I keep getting a notice that there is no file on the card. I'm using a Mac computer and I have so many different files I am not sure which one to upload onto the card. Any help would be appreciated.

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