How to update GoPro HERO4 Firmware – Jeremy Sciarappa

GoPro just released their first firmware update for their HERO4 cameras. Here’s a quick little tutorial on how to upgrade the firmware using the GoPro app.

The newest update version is v01.02.00

GoPro HERO4:

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24 thoughts on “How to update GoPro HERO4 Firmware – Jeremy Sciarappa

  1. I started the update via phone app, it downloaded the files, transfered to the camera and the it said that it is updating (on the phone)…. but the camera was still just blinking blue… nothing happened for 20min. So I turned off the camera and turned it back on again and the updating process started soon after… went on by smoothly after that.. I had to kill the phone app after as well when the camera restarted… when opening the app again it said it was successfully updated!

  2. Make sure the camera is mostly charged. Not so muich for safety, but it won't allow you to update. You will get error messages. If using your phone app to update, you also have to make sure your phone is mostly charged.

  3. Thank you so much. Seems simple, but GoPro's website just says "update your camera using GoPro Studio" without a single bit of instruction how, once in the program. Googling isn't much help either. Got it going in seconds after watching your video. THANK YOUU!!!

  4. The worse thing i did was buy a GoPro Hero 4 Silver! bought it in December 2014, had nothing but problems with it freezing, so i sent it to GoPro to be replaced. They sent me back another faulty one which showed a black screen and wouldn't even record. Their cameras are an absolute piece of shit and wouldn't recommend anyone buying them. DO NOT BUY A HERO 4 CAMERA!!!!

  5. hi i need help.. my gopro hero 4 black edition is freezing up when i open it. i tried to follow install the firmware update but im only getting prompted with this message: "The software update could not be installed in your camera. Please try again." and in my camera it prompts me that "Download Cancelled."

  6. Could someone please provide me a link or send me this firmware? I'm having soooo many issues with the 2.00 firmware on the Hero4 black. I'm just hoping I can get a old firmware. to see if this can resolve my problem. Looking for v01.02.00

  7. I updated using the app.. states camera updated but no time lapse.. is this not avail in go pro hero 4 silver? Tried go pro software and its not listed, my device dmanager states i have my go pro 4 connected..

  8. I never had a freezing/locking up problem until I did this update, I've only used it twice since and it's locked up and required the battery taking out both times to get it working again. where can I get hold of the original firmware?

  9. +Gan Eden Video Productions Your G+ privacy settings don't allow me to reply to you. So I'm assuming you can't update using GoPro Studio? Go here on your PC, C:UsersYOUR PROFILEAppDataLocalGoProFirmwareCache and see if there are any firmware update folders listed. If so, then the update has successfully downloaded to your PC, and you should be able to update your camera. If you haven't already, update GoPro Studio as well.

  10. please, help! my gopro4 black was shutted down at the same moment, as 1 min 24 sec on your video and i can't switch it on. Is it possible to update gopro4 from computer or make some  kind of factory reset?

  11. Need some help here if you`d be so kind.
    So I was finally able to set up my gopro 4 silver wifi app and able to get it paired since I down loaded the latest gopro app for hero4 called 'gopro camera'. And am able to connect my cameras wifi to the hero 4(gopro camera app) just fine, but it does`nt want to see to find the camera it`s self so I can update the frimware so that I try doing some night lapses as the frimware ables to let you have some control over the settings for the night lapse mode. So perhaps you can help me with this problem of why gopro app is`nt finding my camera?

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