How to upgrade Xiaomi YI new firmware from 1.0.9 to 1.0.12 step by step tutorial

Just a brief video on how to upgrade Xiaomi Yi 1.012 firmware.
This update updates log :
Upgrades camera wifi transmission rate and stability, improves the experience when connecting to a mobile phone.

Upgrades camera photo-taking feature, faster daily usage.

Makes power LED blinks during photo or video recording, makes selfie more convenient.

Fixes SD card related issues, and upgrades stability.

Fixes the issue of background noise when WiFi is enabled.

Fixes firmware upgrade failures.

Fixes emergency backup feature preventing normal power off.

Thanks to FyreSG from RCgroups for the translation.
Upgrading for the first time
Here is how to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.07
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8 thoughts on “How to upgrade Xiaomi YI new firmware from 1.0.9 to 1.0.12 step by step tutorial

  1. i have downloaded the firware but when i want to upload the firmware,it kept saying install sd card despite being installed and battery is 80% and both my home wifi and the connection of the camera are ok

  2. Got some problem updating my xiaomi yi firmware from smartphone, it wont update. There's no "upgrade" button like in your video, just 100% uploaded but my cam isn't updated yet. Btw my app version is 1.8. Can you help this?

  3. I upgraded my Yi to 1.0.12 and now the LED ring of the power button flashes when recording a video. So the two red LEDs still flash, but so does the front ring. Is this normal and happening to your camera as well?

  4. Thanks for the guide! I have the app on my phone, i downloaded from Mega from your previous video about Xiaomi camera. I checked the settings on my app but there are no options for "Check Firmware Update" button…


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