Hubsan Zino Firmware Update -Upgrade 1.1.48 G- FPV 3.5 TX 1.6

The Zino firmware upgrades continue to make this drone one of the best value 4k phtotography drones on the market. This new update allows you to dial in with great granularity the speed which you move the camera up down. During this frimware review, I set the “Gimbal Pitching Speed” at 15, and as you can see for yourself this speed gives buttery smooth movements that we all have been waiting for. For $369 dollars, this is defenitely one drones to consider, if you are first starting to fly drones. In short, gimbal speed control is a great improvement, however the horizon needs a little more work to make sure is stay level after aggresive flight movemetns. All in all, I am very happy with this update.

I will be doing another review to check on Flight Controller performance.

What I used to make this video:
Hubsan Zino H117a
Xioami 4K+ action camera
Dell T3630 Precision
nVidia Quadro 2000
VSDC Pro Video editor
Samsung S7 Phone

Music used:
“Distant Lands”
“Distanation Unknow”
“Daydream Bliss”
“Touch Tone”
“Your Call”


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  1. Broke down and ordered one last night for $269 on BangGood using code f7c8f3. Thank you for the video. Looks great. Your waypoints video is what put me over the edge.

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