Hubsan Zino New Firmware Flight Test #2

I take another shot at testing the Zino with the newest firmware release. In this one we focus on the flight controls. I hope you find this useful and entertaining. Please consider subscribing to my channel. I’ll include an affiliate link to Hubsan’s website if you want to buy your own Zino. I mentioned the DJI Spark in this video too, I’ll also include a link for it. Zino: DJI Spark:


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12 thoughts on “Hubsan Zino New Firmware Flight Test #2

  1. Excellent video. The one thing… since the new update… On startup the Zino no longer auto asks for Binding and GPS test… You have to go into settings to do it. The updates really didn't do a whole lot… but its a start. I agree on the Spark … It is a great drone. BTW… your videos are getting better all the time… Great job.

  2. I ordered my Zino yesterday with 2 batteries and a bag still below 300 €, using the Banggoods Spring sale coupon, now I really hope that the firmware will improve a little bit further until I finally receive it in 2-4 weeks…I don't understand why Hubsan doesn't correct this drop at takeoff, that could easily ground the quad once you are not taking of from a golf meadow ..
    btw, Markus, I could watch this video only at a resolution of 360p max., was that low resolution intentionally?

  3. Hey Marcus ! I'm lucky # 7 like on your new channel ! Ha haa ! The RTH was really unexpected ! Another great review buddy ! My Zino was supposed to be here today , hopefully the mail is running late ! 😁👍👍

  4. Marcus, in order to judge if it really drops flying that straight line, you need to know if that plane is 100% leveled… and you did the Test while flying turns in a bigger height than the straight line, so it‘s harder to judge if it drops a feet or so.
    And in my opinion, even if it drops a bit, in most cases you‘ll have a sloped landscape, so you need to adjust your height anyhow with this extreme kind of low-terrain flying… if you want to have that, you need a drone with ultrasonic sensors!

  5. I'm so glad I didn't order this zino great review but I will stick with my sjrc f11 I think my visuo xs812 is more stable than the zino maybe they will bring out a new version rather than just firmware for the future keep up the good work

  6. Congratulations on the channel name change. Thank you for your continued testing the Zino. I concur with your assessment of the trade-offs and recommendations for novice flyers. The Spark is a consistently better flyer for someone just breaking into drones.
    The flaring and bobbing around just has me flummoxed. Why Hubsan could not engineer a folding craft with flight characteristics similar to H501 frustrates me to no end. They've delivered a truly superior camera and stabilized gimbal but they mated it to a totally inferior airframe IMHO. When I hover my H501 in GPS mode it's as steady as a rock in winds up to 15mph. If there was some way I could graft the camera gimbal of the Zino to my H501 I would be a happy camper. Same with the HT016B controller, it's just not capable of smooth controlled rate commands. When you give it a yaw command Zino just snaps however far as it wants regardless of how much paddle input you give, could be 20º, could be 60º, who knows. My hope is that Hubsan will come out with an advanced controller, my thoughts are it would probably address those bad habits.

  7. Just my thought… but most of you all with the Zinos have a lack of trust in the reliability of the drone. As a result you have a anxiety that keeps you all from really enjoying the Zino. Can't read the screen because you are constantly keeping line of sight… That type of deal. I really want a Zino, but can't bring myself to pull the trigger even after all of the reviews.

    With Hubsan would sell refurbished Zinos.

  8. Very interesting Marcus. The turns do look to be improved from what I have seen in your and other videos. It is a wonder that they haven't corrected the takeoff drop. I did see that drop when going forward at speed.

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