Icom IC-7300 Tips and Tricks – Firmware Update

Updating the firmware on the IC-7300 is a straightforward process, if you keep in mind that it is possible to brick the radio, if you don’t follow the precautions. The biggest hitch in the process, that I have heard about, is that you have to hold down the Yes button, to start the update. This is covered in this video. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!


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7 thoughts on “Icom IC-7300 Tips and Tricks – Firmware Update

  1. And Icom sucks when it comes to updates, at some point they just stop updating, like the radio is perfect 😂. This is a software defined radio , updates should be more prevalent, you would think. I hope they didn’t do what they normally do for the 7300. I know my 9100 needs updates on many fronts, but nothing from icom, it must have reached its cost to profit margins?

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