JYE Tech DSO150 Shell firmware update tutorial

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DSO Shell: How to Upgrade Firmware(.pdf): https://goo.gl/vtria7

CH340G USB To Serial Module: https://goo.gl/9cZnjD
JYE Tech DSO150: https://goo.gl/KDiJR8

Flash Bootloader Demonstrator by ST: https://goo.gl/QaX8hx
DSO150 firmwares: https://goo.gl/JujNni


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22 thoughts on “JYE Tech DSO150 Shell firmware update tutorial

  1. Hi TeraLuke, I have problem flash new firmware.

    I do not know English so I translate in google translate and I do not understand what you say.

    I have tried 3 different Uart-USB and can not flash.

    It's hard to see on your video what your resistor values are and how you have resistors connected. What voltage should be on Tx and Rx pins. Please can you describe or draw a schematic.

    Everything I do according to the manual.

    Thank you very much, Bobajs

  2. Thanks for this video! It helped a lot! The 3.3V pin doesn't need to be attached though. They don't say it even in the default manual.

    Also, I had a bit problem with communicating. It was always saying that it can't open the bootloader or something like that. If anyone has the same problem, and if you are using the CP2102, you should measure the voltage on the 3.3V pin. If the output is not 3.3V, but it's around 4.24V, it's a broken module. It has one trace that shouldn't be there. If you have patience, some x-acto knife and magnifier, it's not that hard to cut that trace and after that, it worked for me without a single problem. (I really recommend illuminating the board from below, so you can see the traces better.)

    Thanks a lot for this video, thumbs up!

  3. Just ordered one of these Scopes, I doubt the updated firmware will be on it though so this video will be very useful. New to your channel and I am very impressed with your content, will spend tomorrow (Sunday) catching up on your other Video's, Thanks & Have a Great Weekend !

  4. Did the update help with the accuracy issues from the previous video? I wanted to buy this oscilloscope just for simple audio measurements. If it's just a toy I"ll probably look for something else…

  5. I just did the exact same process and it worked, however when I try to boot the oscilloscope, it boots, says the FW is the new one, but then says "This board is FAKE!" and does nothing else. Any advice?

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