12 thoughts on “LEICA Q: FIRMWARE UPDATE 3.0, WHAT’S NEW?

  1. Tks for comments and video. Just subscribed.
    Two questions: is there auto iso, & does the update remove the top & bottom info bars ?

  2. Good Job!!! Thanks for the information. I'm ordering my "Q" Monday. It maybe a three year old camera, but it is still at the top of it's class. Actually it's in a class of its own.

  3. I discovered that after installing firmware 3.0, the high iso performance becomes very poor. There are chunks of noises that are very visible. I don't think it's a sensor issue

  4. I hate to sound contrarian, but it seems kind of crazy that you’re eschewing shutter speeds faster than 1/2000 because of some aversion to the electronic shutter. You may be right, but I’ve never heard of anyone else having an issues with the Q @ electronic shutter speeds. Maybe look into that some more.

  5. After viewing your video about Q I made my decision of purchasing one, and now my Q is coming on its way! I really appreciate your high quality videos and enjoy listening to you talking smoothly. Thanks a lot, and we are looking forward to your future videos. 🙂

  6. All the good ones you mentioned, my favourite is the power saving. The other clever feature is when you use touch AF and turn the camera off and then on, Q remembers your last focal point. Because of this I use touch and release all the time. I can shoot even quicker and a higher success rate.

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