Major Sony Firmware Updates – More Capability for Free!

Along with the new a6400, Sony announced major firmware updates for several of their full frame camera bodies last week! I share my thoughts in this video. Links I mentioned…
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Hugh Brownstone a9 AF Test:
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6 thoughts on “Major Sony Firmware Updates – More Capability for Free!

  1. This is why I sold my Canon gear and bought the A7III. Sony is not holding back just to try to milk more money from its customers, as Canon does. If this was Canon, they would just wait for the next iteration to put in the new software features. I wasnt even expecting anything new for the A7III, but the fact that it will be even better now it's pretty damn nice. Makes me confident that I'm in the right camera platform. If I'd waited for Canon to get their FF mirrorless shit together, I'd now be looking at either buying the disappointing EOR-R or waiting more years for a better one that would be even more expensive than the A7III. Screw that.

  2. The updates Sony is implementing for a camera that is almost 2 years old is amazing. The A9 will truly be "Reborn". The A9's tracking is already ridiculously fantastic. They could have waited to release the A9II with these changes. No blackout shooting, 20 fps, silent shooting and now even BETTER tracking….bazinga!

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