Minikin V2 Firmware Update Tutuorial

This video demonstrates the proper instructions on how to download and update the firmware for the Minikin V2, as well as the Minikin Kodama Editions. This updates includes a new firmware which updates the TFR and TCR! The upgrade installer currently only works for Windows. The asMODus upgrade installer and the firmware file can be downloaded on within the Minikin V2 product details or in the link as followed.
asMODus Minikin 2 180W Box Mod Touch Screen


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40 thoughts on “Minikin V2 Firmware Update Tutuorial

  1. The updater program does not open. And my device is not working properly. The touch screen does not work and it stays at 5 watts and won't change.

  2. my asmodus minikin v2 has been done for firmware update ,but it still can't to use and still on "download mode". anyone can help me for fix it ?although i use latest firmware update .ex : v40

  3. please help me.. pleease 🙁

    my mod experiencing malfunctions could not be turned on again, after upgrade the version v38 upgrade. when process at the moment 56% suddenly failed. and after that the minikin v2 not turned on again. please give me solution

  4. well thats annoying, I only have Mac comps so cant do the update. I have to say thats quite frustrating, there a millions of iOS users around the world. You would think that an iOS version would be available!

  5. I updated both to v38 and v39 and on the minikin 2 the tc tfr and tcr simply dont work…. i tried several materials.. ss316 titanium and nifethal48 in all the modes and yes i get the steam but the circuit doesnt cut the power to keep the coil at the required temperature i see the voltage on the screen having slight variations but not decreasing at it should do i checked the same atomizers with those builds on dna circuits and they work fine there… it's not only an issue with SS316 and i repeat… none of the TC TCR and TFR work (and yes i set up correctly both the values of tcr and/or tfr) … i have th omhsmium too and there the TC works fine i m very disappointe to have to use the minikin only in power mode

  6. So wanted to buy one of these but they seem like loads of hassle plus i don't have access to a windows computer and faffing with firmware would give me a headache. Shame as they look great.

  7. Walked away came back and my Minikin 2 displays a message "Work Overtime". I tried to update the firmware and it updated but once I turn it back on it still displays "Download Mode". It will not leave Download Mode. Any solution?

  8. After almost having a heart attack a few minutes ago, here are some tips with updating!!!
    I almost bricked the Minikin v2, when you update give it a few seconds AFTER it says ok, next CLOSE THE PROGRAM, THEN disconnect your box, long story short, mine bricked up a couple times- attempting to adjust anything would shut down the box and then again it had a static image of the current settings- following the settings above it worked A-OK.

  9. Just received my Minikin V2 Kodama today and it works flawlessly. Reads all my tanks perfect and remains the same when hitting the power button constantly. Thanks Adam.

  10. i can't even get this to open on my pc. i shouldn't be having misfire right out of the box. I'm so disappointed i just got this today and have only found a few online with this issue. i tried 7 zip. won't work and don't know if it even has anything to do with the misfire so should i even keep trying or try to return it!

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