21 thoughts on “New Firmware Update Process in PiStar

  1. Thanks for the easy instructions Craig. My Zumspot came with v1.3.3 out of the box and this made it easy to go right to v1.4.1 in less than a minute. Andy is certainly an excellent coder!

  2. Each time I attempt to update the Zzumspot from v1.0.1 it goes through the process but the last line is it fails to initialize. I've tried several way and times with no luck. PiStar is updated to 3.4.10

    Any ideas?

  3. When I did this process the prompt I received was that I had to be root to execute the command. I tried 'root' and 'sudo root' and nothing happened. How do I access root?

  4. I tried the procedures you shared and they worked like a champ on zumspot. It took me longer to input the commands than the actual upgrade. The command I ran was: sudo pistar-zumspotflash rpi

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi Craig was wonder how to increase my talk time on dstar cause when I started to talk after 1 minute or so …….pi-star went to listening mode…using Zumspot with a raspberry pi 3B anyhelp will be greatly appreciated…..

  6. Thanks for all your videos Andrew, especially this one. I couldn't figure out why my Zumspot wasn't working. I noticed that my MMDVMHost, as seen on my Dashboard, was not active. Nether was my D-Star mode. While watching this video that I saw that I did not have the FW block under Radio Info. Following your instructions I updated the firmware and everything fell into place.

  7. I've learnt something new! I wonder if that might get pushed into a monthly cron, obviously without the user prompt otherwise it wouldn't work! Anyway thanks Craig for your videos they cover what they need without going on forever! 👌

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