Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 5.0 – What Could It ACTUALLY Have?

Version 5.0 of the Nintendo Switch Firmware is no doubt in the pipeline, but after that fake “leak” what could actually be included?

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43 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 5.0 – What Could It ACTUALLY Have?

  1. I think the PS4 is a great example that internet capability is possible without exploits and it’s a nice feature to just have even if people don’t use it

  2. I dont think we will ever get voice chat on system. If we were why would they delicate splatoon 2 lobbies/voice chat to a smartphone app. Lets face it they are going to tie chat and lobbies to the app as much as possible.

    Oh also. The theme they showed off is possible because they had the same botw theme available on 3ds.

  3. This video had zero substance. "maybe it could happen. Maybe not in 5.0, we'll see!" Sums up every point in the video

  4. I just want to plug in a headset and chat away is it that hard :/

    Please Nintendo this

    Plus please bring us burn out paradise and soul calibur on switch or maybe a tekken

  5. Pretty legit, if it was just a little image then I would fell suspicious but NOPE! It’s a video! I fell pretty confident this is real, like 94%

  6. I feel like the nature of the Switch would be perfect for an Internet browser. Just imagine needing know quick info for a game. You go to the quick menu and then pull up a guide for the selected game. It would be great. If I remember correctly, didn't the Vita have a similar browser (without the quick menu thing)?

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