SD2SNES Firmware Update Brings More Special Chips! – Part 3 | SmokeMonster

Ikari just released a new SD2SNES firmware, here’s what it brings to the OG and the new SD2SNES Pro.

Release Post:
Download v1.10.0:

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15 thoughts on “SD2SNES Firmware Update Brings More Special Chips! – Part 3 | SmokeMonster

  1. On having your own 'best taste' in games – that's why for every everdrive I own, I make a 'Top 100' folder at the top of every directory. I just toss my favourites into that folder for easy access and enjoy watching it evolve as my tastes change.

  2. I see no reason to get the pro version if you have the newest sd2snes just before the pro model. I hear save states don't even work with the pro yet? Save states aren't that important at least imho.

  3. 18:25 I like SF alpha 2,but I'd rather play it on saturn or PS1, didn't really miss the snes version and don't get why people in the forums were so insisting about it. It's an inferior port.

  4. good for the new comers !
    I already have a SDSNES…. Don't think I will change it for a pro version, since I have also a mister.
    The snes core is still" young" but with time…..

  5. Just a quick question as I tend to watch streams while doing other things so I tend to miss things… will this firware work on the non-pro?

  6. I didn't love star ocean, but I wouldn't call it horrible. Later installments though, those I can call horrible. They do have an audience tho as they still make sequels

  7. First time I ever saw one of your streams randomly I thought to myself, "This seems like the kind of chap who roasts his own beans."
    Thanks for the confirmation– If you're gonna tease us like that, you should really link to where we can get some SmokeMonster Coffee Packs in the video notes ^.^

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