Silhouette Cameo 3 Firmware Update – Cameo Stuck on Paused

This tutorial will show Silhouette users how to check and perform a firmware update for their Cameo 3. The update is necessary to gain the best use out of your machine. This also solves common Silhouette issues including the machine stuck on pause or syncing as well as Bluetooth connection issues.

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22 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo 3 Firmware Update – Cameo Stuck on Paused

  1. Hey there, I tried these files (i got two differnet options: MODIFY or REPAIR) I tried updating throught both and both times still stuck on Paused 🙁 Would you know why it persists?

  2. Hi! What if you don't have the cameo silhouette 2 or 3? I have just the cameo silhouette, but it's brand new and just started having this issue. I don't know what version to download since mine isn't an option on the screen. Please help me, I tried calling Silhouette America but they only operate mon-fri

  3. hi there i followed all the instruction of you and now my cameo 3 is in the latest version but its still not working…it just shows working in the cameo screen or when i touch to the screen it will just make sound…and my cameo 3 is in the firmware 1.60 and my software is in 4.1.447ss..can you help me out

  4. Thanks for the video, but the firmware application simply will not run. i connect cameo as instructed, and click OK. wait forever, nothing ever happens, it just crashes i have to force close it eventually. tried this over 10 times. tried running as administrator also, no joy.

  5. Unfortunately, you stopped too soon. When I click OK, the update program shows there is no Cameo 3 connected. Pressing CTRL-SHIFT and OK ends up same place.

    This is a brand new Cameo 3 purchased at ISS Ft Worth a couple of weeks ago.

    The USB interface shows "Unknown Device", Silhouette support has no answer.

    How to get a return on this unusable, doorstop unit? It is junk.

    The touch control panel works, but the USB interface doesn't. … and I've tried this on 6 different Windows computers, being various combinations of Win 10,Win7,Win XP, various x32and x64 processors and OS ?

    Is there a Bluetooth method by which the firmware may be updated?

    How about using Apple MacBook Pro?

    Will that possibly bypass the fact that USB won't connect?

  6. Hello I'm doing the update and I've gotten to the part that says ( please turn off the Cameo and unplug the power cable. Keep USB connected.) But the cameo wouldn't power off it's stuck on the blue light. Not sure what to do…

  7. I have downloaded the firmware update. It started properly (I think) it indicated it would take 5 minutes. More than an hour has pasted and it is still sitting? Should I be doing something else?

  8. Helppp!!!! I followed everything you said and I'm still stuck at " please connect the cameo and power it on. I cannot move from this point. I've unplugged and powered off and redone… still nothing. I desperately need my firmware to be updated… any, any help will be very appreciated. Thank you .

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