Sony a9 Firmware v5 changes our review: Eye AF, Lock-on AF, Group Delete

We test Sony’s firmware update for the Sony a9 ( Eye AF was excellent before, and it’s a little better now – though it still fails in heavily backlit situations. Lock-on AF tracks a subject as it moves across the frame. Before the firmware update, Lock-on AF was almost useless. Now, Lock-on AF is extremely useful for sports and even still subjects where focus-recompose is easier than manually changing focusing points. Finally, I discuss the importance of being able to delete a group of photos all at once.

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30 thoughts on “Sony a9 Firmware v5 changes our review: Eye AF, Lock-on AF, Group Delete

  1. So.. no more GOOD photographer needed ? It's becoming all about the camera which do almost quite everything by itself: with this kind of AF even a newbie can achieve same results as a PRO speaking of focus, exposure also, and the market is getting full of photographers, full of expensive same camera gear. I'm wondering what's next about portraits, because when you achieve the right gear for portrait (camera, lights) and you shoot with a specific model which appears also in other photographers' photos maybe.. What does portrait photography brings as "new" today? Whant you are getting even a better quite-perfect AF camera, what's next?
    You find almost the same kind of shooting around Instagram and Social, quite boring. Most of the time just famous name "makes the photo", no matter if really better as photographers than the others or not. What make you better as photographers nowadays?
    Everybody's doing everything at now.

    🙂 What's your opinion guys? And.. what's next with photography then? No hate in my comment

  2. Fully understand that the animal eye AF takes a long time to develop, but to wait for version 6 for intervalometer? Did I hear that right?

  3. I still need to see actual in-focus results before I splash out on the a9. It's all very well having the little green boxes show up on the screens but (as you've pointed out yourselves) this doesn't necessarily mean the shot is actually in focus, just that the camera thinks it's in focus. I rented an a9 and a couple of lenses for a test run a few months back and though a lot of it was really impressive as I held it in my hands, once I got back to the computer it was a different story. Not bad per se, but the properly in-focus hit rate was nowhere near what the camera's screens had lead me to believe and wasn't worth laying down four grand + lenses for, leaving me to stick with my Canon SLRs for now. I'd love to switch all my gear over to just one system, and ideally a lighter mirrorless system, but the a9 having the speed and looking good on the screens is only half the equation. I need to see it's actually gotten better at hitting the mark.

  4. Another note on deleting grouped burst shots. Even if there is a picture, or pictures in a burst that you want to keep you can still save time by protecting those photos and deleting the burst. The protected photos will stay while the rest of the burst is deleted. The only snag is if you want to protect the 1st picture in the burst it will read the whole burst as protected (at least on my other sony cameras, don't have an a9)

  5. Never had any problems upgrading with a real PC. But with those strange Macs, where the USB stack is updated with every upgrade no wonder Sony is having a headache.

  6. I never liked the 3d tracking very much, because it loses the subject too often and too quick.
    Even the Sony A7iii, with the correct settings, is much better witch the 2.00/2.10 firmware. With the new firmware the A9 and A7 series take a huge step forward and the gap between Sony and all other brands will be huge. Taking the settings to the new firmware would be perfect, Sony, you can learn from Nikon at this item.

  7. I’ve had group delete on my Sony RX10M4 since I got it – as it can also shoot 30fps like the a9 I have absolutely no idea how A9 users haven’t gone crazy until now! 😳

  8. Very good point about losing all your presets when updating. It's a lot of work (Sony: in 2019, serious?). I'm glad i have 2 camera's to compare the settings.
    And what i want in an update? Simple.. in viewing mode (playback my photo's) i want to see the over exposure blinking in FULL SCREEN, and not only in that ridiculous small image on the 3rd page. Why? It's really really important to see if my manual flash is set correct, and the small screen in that mode is not usable for composition, facial expression, overall feel etc. And its' hard to judge the light on a face in a landscape composition if the image is so small. I want to judge all in just one look (like i did on my Canon).
    This is by far my biggest complaint about this camera (a7III), and i just don't get it why they designed it like this.

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