Sony Xperia Z – How to Update Firmware 23 May 2013 (10.1.1.A.1.253)

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Bloglink overview firmware update:

Upgrades found:

– NFC Tags upgrade
– Performance enhancements
– More Vibrant display with deeper blacks and greater colours
– Bug fixed with 12mp option to 13mp option in camera
– White balance display calibration,
– Soft keys and nav bar changed to black (instead of grey)
– An option to disable the notification light
– Small apps icon changed.
– Edit name tag in gallery
– White balance
– World time clock widget
– Tool widget redesigned
– Black task bar
– Camera launch slightly faster compare to my wife on the previous version
– Pulse notification light
– Stamina mode led fix with explaination of stamina mode
– International keyboard look different as well.
– Better App functionality
– Image processing algorithms have been greatly toned down.

(All these Upgrades were found on several blogs online)


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20 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z – How to Update Firmware 23 May 2013 (10.1.1.A.1.253)

  1. happy for u,but u better know that same procedure has caused major issues to a huge number of Z buyers,including myself. I started reading about it from many different sources (among them Sony,xda,xperifirm forums) 3 months ago and the result of this overwhelming literature and collection of bookmarks is that nobody knows why sometimes shit hits the fun and other times the upgrade works as it should.Ik vind 't gewoon schandalig dat een grote merk als Sony laat los op de gebruikers zo een rampzalige upgrade en wel voor een high end phone..It keeps on happening on Z2  and Z3 as well .Thanks for the good uploading and the polarizer idea,anyway.

  2. Hi, Sorry for the late response…I hope everything turned out ok? normally the phone should reboot and install the new updates on the phone then, since I've made the video I already went through 3new updates and never had problems

  3. i have sony xperia l. recently i had notification about new firmware update. so i tried it using phone only. so during update the phone shut down and showed up android logo and since then the screen is black. what did i do wrong?

  4. by checking the "sonymobile" website not yet..If you choose your country first and go to update there is no update to be found for the Z in the US, if you choose your country as belgium, there IS an update for the Z, you'll have to wait a bit I guess, but as far as I know there are not big differences…the camera is improved, batterylife as well I personally think… I've got a notification a few days ago, there is an other thing to update, I'll make a new video soon 😉

  5. You didn't include that the image processing algorithms have been greatly toned down and so the pics have a lot more detail. The downside is they are noisier especially in low light.
    I kind of miss it because they really cleaned up the pictures. I don't need the extra detail as I don't do much cropping.

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