T.R85.031 Firmware | universal LED TV board

Download Link : https://goo.gl/ePa9M7

How to Use T.R85.031 Firmware
Step by step

1. Download T.R85.031 Firmware from the above link

2. Now See LCD / LED Panel No From Back side of LED/LCD

3. Search Panel Now on Google For Looking LED Resolution
like 1280X1024 etc…………………..

4. After found Resolution of LCD Then open download file and chose your Resolution

5. Copy Bin File & past in USB Drive

6. Now Attach usb with T.R85.031 kit

7. Power up kit and do not Turn on Wait your Kit Light will blink
its mean firmware uploading in kit

8. when LED Light Blinking Stop Now Remove USB and Turn on kit

Enjoy you have Done All Step


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