Traxxas Link TQi & Firmware Updates & Telemetry Information

The #Traxxas #Link is an add-on for your transmitter, once bought and installed it will give you up to date information about your truck or car’s speed, battery percentage, current temperature, and much more. It also enables firmware updates to be completed so your truck and devices will be running up to date. The information is fed from the car to your transmitter and then via bluetooth to your iOS device via the Traxxas #app. As i love seeing telemetry information i believe this device is a must have.

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7 thoughts on “Traxxas Link TQi & Firmware Updates & Telemetry Information

  1. Very nice 👍👍 I believe there is a radio that has this built into it or it holds your phone it's been a long time since I seen it ,looks like it's time to upgrade mine it's 8 year's old 👍👍

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