Updating firmware for the 8bitdo SNES30 / SFC30 bluetooth controller

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough to get the newest firmware on the 8bitdo SNES30 and SFC30.

Manual and Firmware:

8bitdo on Amazon:

There are now four unique modes:
Android (D-Input, default mode) Hold START for 1 second, LEDs will blink once per cycle.
Windows (X-Input): Hold START + X for 1 second, LED will blink twice per cycle.
macOS: Hold START + A for 1 second, LED will blink three times per cycle
Nintendo Switch: Hold START + Y for 1 second, LED will blink four times per cycle.


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20 thoughts on “Updating firmware for the 8bitdo SNES30 / SFC30 bluetooth controller

  1. I really like 8bitdo and their controllers, but… I see you're 1) downloading executables from a website with no SSL whatsoever, from an unknown developer and with no SHA or even MD5 hashes available, 2) from the sound of it granting elevated permissions to the program, 3) letting it do what it's going to do on your system. Hmmm, I might have done something like this in 1998. But it's 2018. Your computer so you're certainly free to do what you like, but you sure trust 8bitdo and the security of their site host, don't you? (!!!)

  2. i've updated the firmware on my snes30, im playing on nvidia shield tv (android), when im playing via bluetooth it works fine, when i connect via usb, every button is confirm or active, i can't back out of menus, select, start, L, R, abxy, they all confirm…..which isn't really suppose to happen, but again, thats only when i connect via usb, don't know whats wrong

  3. Has anyone been able to do this on Mac? 8bitdo's instructions are awful and their OSX update utility doesn't recognize my SN30 at all… But the Mac mounts an external hard drive, so there's obviously a live connection.

  4. My SFC30 gamepad works perfectly on my MacBook Pro. (It appears on my bluetooh as 8Bitdo SFC30 GamePad)
    But on my ipad, and my iphone does not appear on the bluetooth page.
    Finally I pressed L + R + start and it appeared on my ipad as FC30 GamePad.
    But none of the pairing modes work.
    Maybe you recommend me an update?
    You can help me?

  5. when i go to the website to try and get the firmware update software. it does not show the sfc 30 controller. in fact its not even listed in the nolonger supported section! its nowhere on the site! what gives!?

  6. Currently can't connect my SNES30 to my iPhone or iPad. I've watched several videos to no avail. Unlike in you're video, they're website doesn't currently list the SNES30 anymore, so that's a dead end. I just emailed the company for help, if I find a solution I'll respond to this post

  7. hi i have recently brought two sfc 30 pads and need to update the firmware but can't find support anywhere? has anyone got a link to the firmware 4.0 and above please

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