Yongnuo Firmware Update Performance Test

How does the YN686EX-RT hold up with the firmware update? Check it out for yourself.

Check out how to update the firmware on a mac here: https://youtu.be/LtB0pOB8ZIU

Download the latest firmware from the YN website here: http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detaily.php?ID=396

If you’re interested in the YN686EX-RT, check it out here:
YN686EX-RT (affiliate): http://prourls.co/903s
YN-E3-RT (affiliate): http://prourls.co/0Cx0


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8 thoughts on “Yongnuo Firmware Update Performance Test

  1. Hey Scott, I am getting a read file failure when I attempt to open the file on my mac. I have followed your instructions from here and the one comment, but I still get the error, any suggestions on next steps?

  2. Dear Scott, thank u for your videos. Very helpfull.
    I have problem to update the firmware of YN-E3-RT on a mac ? have a clear method to do it ? Couldn't find on official website Yongnuio. Thank you for your help.

  3. Finally they made good flash to go along with my Canon 600ex-rt. I hate using not genuine Flash on my camera just because lack of head locking button. Hot shoe gets so much stress especially when you swing from left to right.

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